Tank Manufacturing

Ar-Tech Coating Ltd, in conjunction with Shield Industries Ltd., manufactures and sells storage tanks ranging in size from 50 bbl to 3000 bbl.

Right from manufacturing to internal coating and painting, Ar-Tech Coating can help customers find the exact product they are looking for.

Construction of 2700 bbl. tank


Out back for an external brush blast and internal SSPC- SP10 near white blast.

Into the shop for two coats of Bar-Rust 236 on the interior and a coat of Devran 201 on the exterior.


On route to the site.

On site, the tanks receive two coats of Endura topcoat before being placed into service.


Other Examples

100 bbl. heated and insulated tank.


750 bbl. and 400 bbl. tanks on site in the Yukon.

Two tanks on their way to a local food processing plant.